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Trieadrieame - Dutch Innovation of a Multi-hull

Trieadrieame Design
Trieadrieame straight
Presentation @ Vripack - PechaKucha 2013

Sailing Model 5m scale 1:3 real life test on YouTube

See possible concepts at this link

The hull for 12,5 till 25m motor-yachts and 7,5 till 12,5m sloops.
Particular model for 12,5 till 25m sailing-yachts.
(Light construction demanded)


  • More safety
  • Three times float-age
  • Spacious comfortable
  • Greater stability without ballast
  • Beam less than a multihull
  • A faster mono-hull

Trieadrieame Design Concepts
Sailing Concept Yacht Concept
Workboat Concept Superstructure Concept